The spoiler policy has been updated for Season 6. We have lessened the restrictions to blog postings of the upcoming episode name, however analysis of the names is still restricted in order to prevent spoilers under the guise of theory. The intent is to allow a blogger to mention or reference the episode name, but we still don't want to see blog entries that dissect the possible meanings of the title.

Immediately upcoming episode names

Until an episode is the next to be broadcast in the United States:

  • A new article may not be created with the episode name.
  • The episode name and other episodic information may not be added to Lostpedia.

Once an upcoming episode is the next immediate episode to air in the United States, the following pages may be updated with the episode name and airdate only. This information must first be released by ABC Medianet. Other sources, including confirmation by producers, cast interviews, and IMDb are not considered valid for the purposes of this policy.

  • The episode article
  • Main Page
  • Season navigation templates, which appear on all episode articles for their relevant season.
  • Season 6
  • Portal:Episodes
  • Airdates
  • ABC Medianet
  • User blogs and user blog comments
    • Do not post spoilers under the guise of theory.
    • Analysis of the title is not allowed due to the above.
    • Information other than the title or airdate must not be discussed or posted.

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