Bloggers, soon the episode title for 6x01 will be posted to a few pages on Lostpedia. Since the title is officially confirmed by ABC Medianet, and is the next immediate episode to air, it can now be listed on a few specific pages. The spoiler policy does not allow it to be posted or discussed on user blogs. For full details, see the spoiler policy.

Thanks in advance!

Immediately upcoming episode names

The only information about upcoming episodes allowed on Lostpedia is the name and airdate of the immediately upcoming episode, if released by ABC Medianet, on the following articles only:

Until an episode is the next to receive its premiere broadcast in the United States:

  • A new article may not be created with the episode name.
  • The episode name or number may not be added to other articles in Lostpedia, including, but not limited to:
    • The articles listed above
    • Characters
    • Cast
    • Objects
    • Events
    • Talk pages
    • User pages and their respective talk pages
    • User blogs and user blog comments

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