So the MIB has been recruiting people for his army in the war against Widmore. Has he attempted to create a little group of evil freedom fighters before? Rousseau thought that her team was "infected" by the island and ended up killing them all. Could the MIB have been trying to get an army together to kill Jacob and find a way off the island back then?

I guess I just wonder why sometimes Smokey will ruthlessly kill a person, sometimes it's against the rules, sometimes he "infects" them and sometimes he just wants to chat (influence). I think that people near death (Claire, or in Sayid's case-dead) may be more susceptible to the "infection" that will cause them to go completely mad. Or perhaps, being close to death weakens them so that they join the Looney bin sooner than the rest of them. Are all the people who have come in contact with the MIB infected?

What do you guys think?

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