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  • JOJO214

    Hanso Adoption Agency

    April 20, 2009 by JOJO214

    Hi there, I have a funny feeling that LOST will be moving towards it's connection with the Hanso Adoption Agency starting with Charlie Hume. Anyone else follow the theory that most if not all the Oceanic 6 were either born on the island and "raised by another" off the island or born off the island to either a DI, the US Army people, the original Others (Black Rock) and then "raised by another OFF the island? I think Charlie was adopted, as well as Sawyer, John Locke (we know), and possibly Hurley, Kate, and Sun. All of their parents were part of the island in someway.... Just a hunch. Any comments?

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  • JOJO214

    Charlie is the son of Desmond and Penny. He was born on the sailboat "Elizabeth" during the 1970's. The scene with young Charlie on the boat with Penny and Desmond is during the 1970's. Desmond goes to look for Farady's mother at Oxford during the 1970's. You can tell by Desmond's hair and clothes. Later, Ben kills Penny. Desmond will return to the island to try and change the timeline to save Penny and/or revenge Ben. Charlie will be "raised by another". Probably something to do with "Simon's Butcher Shop". Liam is not his blood brother.

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