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April 14, 2010
  • JFresh222

    I was beginning to worry that the writers would not reveal all aspects of "the rules," with such little time available. However, I had the revelation that this list of rules I've been imagining is not long and complex with many many stipulations. Perhaps they are more general; my thinkin was that the "loopholes" that MiB is tryin to find in order to get the candidates to kill each other are dodging the same rules as the loophole to kill Jacob. It seems obvious to me now that Jacob is merely in the same standing as candidates (cannot kill himself or be killed by MiB directly), and isolated himself from everyone on the island as the last, fail-safe keeper of the "cork". He never came close to humans so that MiB would never have a chance …

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  • JFresh222

    It seems to me that the ancients of the island had the most insight. (Maybe not the best moral stance though) I mean, it seems like they built the wheel, smokie's chamber where Alex appears to ben... the statue (unless that was Jacob, him n Rich were alive long enough right?), etc. Smokie's chamber is intriguing because it suggests there were people who worshipped/obeyed it, despite the knowledge of its struggle w/ (good? represented by Taweret in the painting showing them face to face?) It gets me wondering whether Jacob is older than the ancient builders or has merely learned/harnessed the powers behind the mysticism. You never know who is in the know in this show anymore; after all, Hurley knew Jacob was dead before any of the idio…

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