• JBen425

    So I have been having this thought while watching season 6 and reading these blogs:

    Jacob doesn't give straight answers. He raises more questions and does things in ways that are frustrating to us. He doesn't just come out and say things. He sends people on journeys where they don't know the outcome. Even when he told Hurley the directions to the lighthouse, he didn't say what the ultimate goal was.

    MiB on the other hand has been quite up-front with what he is about. He says how he would never keep people in the dark. He will tell us the answers. For him, there is no deeper meaning of the island. It is just a damn island!

    I think that in some way, these two characters represent the two types of ways we can approach this season and the show as…

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  • JBen425

    Richard is my Constant

    February 3, 2010 by JBen425

    So, maybe Jacob made Richard never age so he (or someone else) could always have a constant on the island. You could encounter him no matter what time you were in on the island and would not have to worry about your brain melting.

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  • JBen425

    The Rope?

    January 27, 2010 by JBen425

    I am not sure if anyone has written about this, but this could be a little time loop fun. When Locke is going down into the well he is using the rope. Sawyer begins to hold on to the rope as the time flash begins. After the flash, the rope is sticking out of the ground where the well will probably be one day. Do you think that the rope sticking out of the ground was the very thing that someone used to find the location of the frozen donkey wheel?

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