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April 15, 2009
  • J0dan07

    This is just something that I thought about that might be a little funny if it were true.

    What if Locke told Ben that he was going to kill Jacob just to see how he would react? It could be some kind of test to truly find out where Ben's allegiances lie. Ben spent so much time manipulating Locke and making him think certain ways, maybe Locke has decided to have a little fun with Ben. He hasn't mentioned killing Jacob to anyone else...and of all the people to divulge a plan to, Ben would be last on my list.

    Just a thought, we'll find out soon enough I guess.

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  • J0dan07

    Was it ever stated who lived in Ben's house before the Purge of the DHARMA initiative? Obviously when DHARMA came onto the island, they built the Barracks. The Other's were surely aware of the construction. The house that Ben lived in (post-purge) must have been built over an already standing structure that housed the Secret Door. I'm just wondering why the Other's would allow DHARMA to have the ability to summon the Monster whenever they pleased, and who exactly was it that lived there and had the access to do just that? Pierre Chang? Horace? Just wondering if anyone might have the answer to this?

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