So, there has been some re-opening of the Adam & Eve speculation recently with the bag Hurley took from Ilana's tent. This post isn't about whether or not the stones were in the bag (Hurley's bag was blue, the bag Jack found was brown). Nor is it another "who are they?" post It's about the outcome/reveal of Adam and Eve themselves.

Assuming that Adam and Eve are characters we already know (which is safe to assume, seeing as the writers have hinted at this) there will need to be some sort of final time jump, to send our dying couple back forty or more years ago.

I think this final time jump will happen during the finale, caused maybe by the turning of the FDW, or some other odd event (probably MiB or Desmond related). I beleive this time skip will prove to be a vital advantage to one of the factions for some reason we may not yet know. (for example, if they shifted, any objects that they weren't touching would vanish, ie the portable pylons)

Maybe this is some last desperate to either change the past again, or set it back to what it should be (ie. no Jughead detonation.) Also, (and I have absolutely no evidence to back this up, I just think it would be an awesome end) I would like to see the whole show end up being one massive loop, the final scene of the show being the very first scene of the show. This time skip, might end up being a way to allow this to happen. Although, this is just wishful thinking, I'm a big fan of loops. If any of you have read the Circle Series by Ted Dekker, you know what I mean.

So to sum it up, I beleive there will be one final shift towards the very end that allows for some massive plot twist as well as some sort of answer to Adam and Eve.

Also, random, but the Black Rock explosion scene... very satisfying for me. Loss of an iconic Lost symbol, that has always been there scince season one. Possibly sugnifying anything (or anyone) can go now.

(Wow, I used a lot of parenthesis)

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