The Losties' Opinions On Time Travel

Just some interesting lines I found when I searched for "time" on Lostpedia definite foreshadowing in some of these.

Charlie says: "Really, last I heard we were positively made of time."

When giving the Rolex watch back to Jin, Michael says: "...since time doesn't matter on a damn island."

-Actually Michael, it does, its just very relative.

Hurley says, "Twinkies keep for, like, 8000 years, man."

-And then put them on the Island and they'll keep for eternity

Ana Lucia tells Goodwin: "This knife's probably 20 years old. You don't see these anymore, yet here it is, on this island. Weird, huh?

-A 20 year old knife? Really Ana, think thats weird? If only you knew.

Referring to a source of a radio transmission that consists of a Big Band recording from the 1940's, Sayid says, "It could be coming from anywhere." Hurley responds, "Or any time. Just kidding, dude."

-Spot on Hurley, Well done.

Richard Alpert tells Juliet, "You're gonna be amazed at how time flies once you're there", referring to the Island.

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