This is my first blog post. I don't know if this has been brought up yet but here's a weird thought I had when re-watching The Incident.

Jacob was only straightforeward with one person: Hurley. He also calls Hurley's ability a "blessing".

Now I was wondering: supposing the theory that all those in '77 somehow magic-zap back to '07 like some think (how that happens I have no idea) is true, then they would all arrive just after the death of Jacob. Now seeing as Jacob is dead and dead is dead this is the last of Jacob, right? What if Hurley becomes the messanger between the losties and Jacob? What significance would this entail? Of course miles can also contact the dead but only in a way that gets him information, not personal face to face conversation, plus he was never visited (as far as we know yet) by Jacob.

So, just a crazy idea. Feel free to poke holes in it and discuss.

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