How I Would Would Kill Them All

So, I know there's a lot of these types of blogs out there, but here comes another.

If I were a writer for Lost here's how I would kill them off, as well as a comparison to how I think they'll end character's stories. Me v Darlton.


I would have Alpert fall back into despair and turn back towards the MiB and follow him for a while. He would work for him up until the series finale and die in an attempt to overthrow the MiB from behind his own back

Most Likely

Alpert will die in some sort of mass attck or killed personally by the MiB


I would have Claire somehow snap out of it by receiving Charlie's Drive Shaft ring. No longer crazy or suseptible to MiB's coercion MiB would attempt to kill her but fail. Claire would live til the end, but not without injury.

Most Likely

Charlie's ring presumably sunk with Sun. She'll most likely remain crazy and be used as a tool by MiB for a while before siding with our losties again and losing her importance.


I would have Sawyer die but not without an epic bad-ass fistfight with a now-vulnerable Locke (see my Locke theory post) His death would be a massive act of defiance against Locke and the island in general and MiB in particular.

Most Likely

See above


I would kill Kate in a shootout of sorts or some mass attck. Obviously her current wound isn't that bad if she can escape a sinking sub and run across the beach for Jack. I would have her death be drawn out to, and just when she is about to recover, she dies. Or have her actually recover and then die in a different way. I would then have her death be a huge motivator for Jack.

Most Likely

She holds in til the end and lives a happy ending having chosen Jack.


I would have Jack live but not without being significantly wounded in the process. Wheel chair anyone? I would have his final wounds be inflicted either in a fight with the MiB or in the process of saving someone who was vitally important to the current situation.

Most Likely

See above


I would have Hurley have to face a severe emotional crisis or mental crisis of sorts before the end game. I would have this be his having to do something that goes against everything in his morals, or receiving a very grim message from Libby. He would live without major injury. Emotionally is how we all tend to connect with Hurley, so I would have him face this kind of struggle in the finale.

Most Likely

He lives till the end and begins to recieve more and more messages from the dead to aid in vanquishing the MiB. He become either the replacement or the next Alpert.


I would have Ben die in some massively drawn out scene in which Ben ultimately redeems himself. He would die in the process of aiding in the eliminating of MiB after aiding the Losties in unimaginable ways. He would either hold in for a couple days or give some massively long death speech.

Most Likely

See above


I would have Desmond end up being the one who either contains or eliminates the MiB for good. But in the process of doing so he would either die straight there afterwards or face another odd consciousness problem.

Most Likely

Desmond is about to do something important and gets severley wounded, leaving someone else to do his work for him. He then fades from importance.


I would have Miles stick around to do some really heavy dead communication once the battles start winding up and peopl start dropping left right and center. Perhaps he would even carry a really grim and disturbing message from the dead body of MiB that forewarns massive consequences for the death of MiB, failsafes MiB would've set up in the event of his death..

Most Likely

Shot in the forhead by time travelling Juliet in the outrigger chase scene.


I would have the tide turn in daunting proportions to MiB's side in the finale and have Widmore get cold feet and attempt to leave. The losties would then have to fend for themselves, and after succeeding, Widmore would show up again and they'd kick him off the island. That or in fleeing MiB apprehends Widmore, and to save his own life Widmore joins the MiB and is later killed by the MiB

Most likely

Widmore and MiB have a dramatic conversation and Widmore then fades from importance.


I would have the MiB die in some insanely dramatic and thirty minute long battle scene. And as he's dying (from something that Desmond did) he tries to tell something to Jack but croaks before he is able. Miles who is nearby then goes stone cold and tells Jack what MiB was trying to say. Epic "oh crap" look from Jack.


or epic "oh crap" face from Jack then somehow it loops and Jack wakes up in the Jungle with formally dead MiB now in the form of Christian in the background formulating a new plan that will not end in his death this time round. Series starts all over again.


Most likely

MiB is somehow effectivley contained but not killed. Inferences are made to the fact that another round of Canidates, now to replace Jack, will soon be comming and when they do, MiB will escape and start this all over again


I know I probably missed some people but, I'm done typing.

How would you kill them?

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