Now I know how to work a computer and various programs, but I'm not all that amazingly skilled in the way of technology. But I have an idea. I know on Blogger you can have a site moderated by very few, with multiple posters allowed. And I'm sure there are more alternatives for ways to discuss the show and avoid spoilers. I'm thinking some sort of new website, a fan-run discussion forum/blog site moderated by those fans who want to avoid not only the spoilers but the arguing and banning debates as well. This way we can get some of the old posters back as well.

Just an idea, no clue how to do it or if it's too difficult, just food for thought, but I think relocating the fan base and finding a way of screening out the unwanted might help. If anyone figures it out let me know. I just know even though I've not posted much recently, I've grown tired of every other post being a spoiler or bashing session.

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