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    So When I first saw it, I was a little dissapointed. But the more and more I think about it, I actually really liked the end. Thought I'd make a list of all the amazing things.

    Bold ones are the ones that were really awesome

    1. Epic Jack/Locke battle . 2. Richard's first gray hair . 3. Richard being one of the ones who escapes
    .4. Hurley taking over . 5. Ben being second . 6. Cliff faces crumbling into the ocean . 7. Giacchino's music . 8. Rose and Bernard standing up to MiB . 9. Opening sequence . 10. Ending it with Jack's eye closing
    . 11. Leaving enough open to ponder over (Hurley, Ben, Desmond, How the world reacts to Ajira returning, Richard's off island life(and death))

    So, my one gripe: I would've had them all getting prepared for something i…

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  • It Only Ends Once


    May 8, 2010 by It Only Ends Once

    So just aking all you out there. Would you rather have the last few adrenaline inducing moments in the show, the final epic take down of MiB be a dramatic battle or chase scene?

    I personally would like to first see a battle thats deteriorates into an awesome chase scene where MiB is hunting them all down in smokie form. I would also like seeing the fleeing characters branch off the two or three seperate directions and spend time on each of them fleeing smokie before bein hunted down and eliminated.

    How would you want to see the last moments orchastrated? Chase, battle, or both? And how would you specifically do it, details and such?

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  • It Only Ends Once

    So, I know there's a lot of these types of blogs out there, but here comes another.

    If I were a writer for Lost here's how I would kill them off, as well as a comparison to how I think they'll end character's stories. Me v Darlton.


    I would have Alpert fall back into despair and turn back towards the MiB and follow him for a while. He would work for him up until the series finale and die in an attempt to overthrow the MiB from behind his own back

    Most Likely

    Alpert will die in some sort of mass attck or killed personally by the MiB


    I would have Claire somehow snap out of it by receiving Charlie's Drive Shaft ring. No longer crazy or suseptible to MiB's coercion MiB would attempt to kill her but fail. Claire would live til the end, bu…

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  • It Only Ends Once

    I think the whole banning of all newer users is a great idea going into the last stretch of LOST. I think many simply create back-up accounts in case they're banned for spoilers. And I do not want to spoil myself (although I do watch the 30 second sneek peeks, as they don't really give away anything IMO) this far into the series. I made the mistake of that by reading spoilers all the way up to Sundown. I want the finale to catch me completely off guard.

    Good idea LP

    Now for theories. I'm gonna jump on death bandwagons. Frank = dead. They made a point of Jack taking the last air tank, and needing an air tank to make it to the surface. Sorry Frank, you were doing so well with your one-liners.

    Also other death thoughts (grim, I know)

    Ben = dead b…

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    Time Lag

    April 19, 2010 by It Only Ends Once

    So, there has been some re-opening of the Adam & Eve speculation recently with the bag Hurley took from Ilana's tent. This post isn't about whether or not the stones were in the bag (Hurley's bag was blue, the bag Jack found was brown). Nor is it another "who are they?" post It's about the outcome/reveal of Adam and Eve themselves.

    Assuming that Adam and Eve are characters we already know (which is safe to assume, seeing as the writers have hinted at this) there will need to be some sort of final time jump, to send our dying couple back forty or more years ago.

    I think this final time jump will happen during the finale, caused maybe by the turning of the FDW, or some other odd event (probably MiB or Desmond related). I beleive this time skip…

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