I wonder what MiB meant when he said that he wanted to go home seeing as I'm pretty sure that there's a theory that MiB could be Claire's kid from the "Reset" timeline. But I doubt that this is true.

I think that by "home" MiB meant the world beyond the Island(the "outside world") because he wants to rule the world and make sure that it "ends the same" ie MiB is the ruler of the world in a god-king like capacity. If that were true, then the only thing that would be holding MiB back would be that he's tied, like Jacob, to the Island somehow seeing as in my opinion, MiB and Jacob represent different aspects of the Smoke Monster(light*Jacob* and dark*MiB*). Perhaps Richard is the person preventing MiB from escaping to the real world and MiB could kill Alpert too....

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