Is it just me or does Nemesis seems to have a greater influence on things then we'd previously realized and that he, for now is "winning the war" between himself and Jacob.

Areas of the Nemesis's influence

1. I think that Nemesis was the one who "cured" Ben, but along with curing him, corrupted him, turning him into the lying, twisted, manipulative monster as seen in Seasons 2 onwards. I wonder if Nemesis somehow tricked Alpert into bringing Ben to the Temple, or fed him false information or whatever makes more sense.

2. Nemesis, or someone/something on his side moved into the Cabin after the Purge and masqueraded as Jacob, handing Ben(and Alpert) "lists". Whenever Ben would visit "Jacob", Ben was ignored and this fed into Nemesis' plans. He(Nemesis) also somehow deceived Alpert into thinking that "Jacob" was in the Cabin, but in reality, it may have been Nemesis the entire time

3. Maybe Nemesis was the one who "tricked" Widmore for all we know. I'd imagine that Widmore wasn't under the influence of Nemesis like Ben probably was, so Widmore had to be "removed"/exiled from the Island

4. Could Nemesis have "guided" Locke to the Cabin? Again, Locke was the "Chosen One" as well as being the "loophole" that Nemesis was looking for. He also needed to break Ben's "faith" in Jacob, so Ben would kill Jacob later + do whatever Flocke said. Also, Nemesis(as "Flocke") managed to trick Alpert into guiding him to the "Statue", because Locke was the "leader"

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