Not too sure if this blog has been done before, but LOST and Apocalypse Now have VERY similar plots/plot devices/plot elements. I'm probably going to list these, feel free to agree/disagree and discuss.

1. Apocalypse Now and LOST are effectively set in "hell". Although Apocalypse Now is set in the jungles of Vietnam, similarities to the Island are pretty much inferred, particularly how the experiences of the conflict in Vietnam and experiencing/surviving the Island results in certain insanity for example Kilgore's exclamation of "I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like victory" and Dennis Hopper's portrayal as the demented journalist prancing about shouting "Was he a good man, was he a kind man?!"

2. Jack and Hurley, like Willard are both utterly inequipped for what they have to end up facing. Admittedly, Willard is forced to face his own "Heart Of Darkness" whilst Jack has to overcome a damaging relationship with his father and Hurley has to overcome his eating disorder and face his fears on the Island. Both Vietnam and the Island have the same "Heart Of Darkness" experience where people have to face their worst aspects/worst aspects of humanity

3. The Temple Massacre is sort of like the firebombing of the Vietnamese Village in Apocalypse Now as innocent people are pretty much the collateral in a horribly brutal and bitter conflict

4. The villains, and how. MiB and Kurtz, or rather Man In Locke and Kurtz both become irrevocably twisted by their realization of a "higher truth". While Kurtz has merged his "own truth" with the supposed higher truth, Locke prior to his deat had fallen hook-line-and sinker for the "higher truth" about the Island.

5. The "enemy" in Apocalypse Now and LOST are remarkably similar to the protagonists.

Your thoughts? And any more similarities?

Islandmatrix 11:47, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

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