I wonder if MiB has "won" seeing as a submarine with Widmore in it is approaching the Island, and the MiB's group of Others and the nLo(Sawyer, Jin, Sayid, Claire & Kate, possibly) are going to leave the Island with everyone getting what they wanted; MiB gets his freedom, Sawyer leaves the Island, Jin not so much, Sayid gets Nadia or rather Nadia as revived by MiB, Claire gets around and Kate's guilt is assuaged. I'd personally think that MiB and the nLo have won because MiB found the loophole and Jacob was seemingly powerless to stop it and some of the people whom Jacob have manipulated seemingly know "what's up" now thanks to MiB. Now that people are starting to know the truth, has MiB's victory in his on-going game with Jacob been assured?

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