Ok so this is what I think happened when Locke leaves the Island. He goes into the present time in the real world and recruits the Oceanic 6 to try and come with him and the events of episode 7 take place. Meanwhile, I think the flashes stop while Locke is gone and time starts running at a regular pace from where the last flash took them. I believe that this time period was around the 70s when the Dharma Initiative was running the show. This could explain the end of the last episode where we see Jin in the Dharma outfit and van (possibly after joining them or posing as one whatever). This could lead to the episode where Faraday is working in the Orchid station and warns Charlotte that she will die. Also maybe Miles discovers that he was born on the island (son of the orientation video guy?). There's any number of interesting things we could see from this scenario.

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