There might be more but I can think of at least 2 instances when the island was either in a "future" time or a "future" event occurred ("future" meaning compared to the outside world which I'll assume is the present). While the freighter was still afloat miles away from the island, the boat's doctor washed up dead on the shore of the island. The Losties find him and have Daniel phone in to the freighter to see what happened and they say the doctor is fine. Later we see the doctor get shot and thrown overboard when Lapidus is refusing to fly back to the island. The second instance was when the Losties were traveling through time and they steal the Ajira rafts. That hasn't happened yet either since Locke is still around and the O6 come back AFTER Locke leaves the island and dies and so on. The island clearly had weird time properties even before they screwed around with the wheel (ex. when the freighter fired the beacon that arrived about a half hour later then it should have, the fact that the Losties are in 1977, etc) but what implications could FUTURE events happening like this have? Does the island know everything thats going to happen until the end of time? Thoughts?

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