My roommate noticed this so he gets all the credit (assuming noone else has brought it up also). If you watch the Season 3 episode "Man Behind the Curtain" (the one about Ben coming to the island as a kid) you can see Sawyer twice in the episode but obviously in very unclear and quick shots. First is when they show the Pierre Chang orientation video you can see the camera roll in from right to left and there's a man riding a bicycle in the background (Sawyer sighting number 1). Next is the scene when Ben is in class and the hostiles attack and that alarm goes off. The show some Dharmas running off with guns out the window. Not the first time they pan to the window but the second time you see the back of Sawyer's head for a split second. This makes sense since we now know that he was most likely head of security when Ben arrives on the Island. It's pretty cool so you should check it out. Let me know what you think.

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