This is a little different from the other blog posts I've seen here. No twisted, convoluted, well thought out theories. Just my opportunity to speak on my own personal LOST Experience. I'm nobody really; read or don't, makes no difference.

My fiance has a standing Wednesday night out at our local bar. He gives me about two hours from 9 to 11 EST to watch LOST - and then watch it again on DVR, cause you know you can't get it all in the first viewing! - by myself because he just does not get it. And he tried, he really did. He saw my passion for it when my cousins turned me on to it about halfway through Season 2. I have seasons 1-3 on my iPod, season 4 is still on the DVR. I watched the whole series from the Pilot to There's No Place Like Home about 4 times during the dreadfully long hiatus between last season and this one.

Last season, he watched with me, all the way through. I think for him, it was more a sick fascination - a "I've gotta see what the car crash victims look like when they get pulled out" - more than a real interest in the show. When things started getting really interesting for us with time travel, and "dead" characters reappearing, he started tuning out. He walked in on me rewatching The Lie and the minute he saw Ana Lucia, he immediately declared that the writers were making it all up as they go, they couldn't decide who they wanted to be in the show or who they wanted to kill off, that the whole thing made absolutely no sense, and he was off to watch another (fake) reality show to laugh at the the fights and big boobs. I guess the substance of our show was too much for him.

I can't be the only person living in a household with non-LOST believers, am I? I get that it's not a show you can pick up in midstream and immediately get. But, and I forget who said this, LOST is definitely a show that rewards the diehard viewers. In a world where so much of what's on television is plastic drivel you can watch on autopilot, our show makes you think about even the smallest of things. Watching Wednesday night, I noticed there was a name on the side of the van Ben was driving. I rewound the DVR to find "Canton-Rainier", and I just knew it meant something. The writers put stuff like that there on purpose for us to find. And that's what keeps me intrigued with LOST. The music box that Sayid fixed in Season 1's Solitary shows up again four years later in This Place is Death. I can't wait to find out the meaning of Adam and Eve from the cave with their black and white stones. I can't wait to see how they're going to wrap the whole thing up. I can't wait...I can't wait.

But my main issue right now is, how do I get the most important person in my life to understand the most important television show in my life? Does anyone have some ideas about how to help those who don't get it, get it - and don't say "Lost Untangled".

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