can we all agree that Hugo has walked his course. to much of a bad thing is a bad thing. did not mind him at first stumbling in at the wrong time and wasting a bunch of food in the jungle with crazy. but when it comes time to think about the fact that some one will prolly get killed off in the 100th episode i cant help but think that it has to be hugo. and if it is not i will hold it against him. because everyone else is worth something to the show. but honestly i think it could be Dan the man. he is coming back with bad news, he knows something is going to come... just the way he looked and sounded getting off that sub. i would not be surprised if he is persecuted or looked at as a threat for what he knows. the others have always had a mysterious way of with holding information. they only like you to know what they want you to know. so the leaders will freak bc he knows more than he is supposed to and because they dint want people to know that they are in potential non-hostile danger. Dan will die... but will he come back???

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