Blast Door Map - Latin??

The latin text on the Blast Door Map would suggest that somebody working on it was a hostile, plus the fact alot of the other text seemed to indicated a lack of knowledge about D.I. Being higher up than Dr. Chang indicates Radzinsky knew all of the DI operations, so he didn't need query the stations (unless after the incident, he was removed from the circle of trust, and many more stations were built while he was stuck in The Swan or maybe the writers just really fucked up the continuity of the BDM,and the man known as Radzinsky back then wasn't the #2 Dharma man he is Season 5) So maybe Kelvin was a hostile and wrote that stuff after Radzinsky died? There was also something written on the BDM that questioned trusting Kelvin...

Any thoughts?? I just think the use of latin in the show so far can't be left to coincidence...

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