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April 14, 2009
  • ImNotCrazy

    DI food drop

    April 6, 2010 by ImNotCrazy

    I think they said they are going to explain it..... Any theories?

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  • ImNotCrazy

    Hurley and Guitar

    June 30, 2009 by ImNotCrazy

    Not sure if this has been discussed, but suppose the guitar Jacob gave to Hurley acts in the same manner as Richard's/Locke's compass. When Hurley is flashed forward 30 years at the end of Season 5*, the guitar flies through time and lands where Charlie finds it via John Locke in Season 1. When Charlie dies/815ers scatter due to Kahana, his guitar is taken by Jacob and delivered to Hurley at the prison to only go back in time again, pushing Charlie and Hurley to get back on their intended paths at their respective points in time...the guitar being a physical catalyst for course correction...

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  • ImNotCrazy

    Think of this as an offshoot of that other frank blog but did any one think he might be there to replace Richard??

    Just a thought, maybe Jacob knew Richard would fail him, let him die, and make someone else (pilot of a plane/Richard as possible Black Rock captain) the righthand man to the leader with eternal youth.

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  • ImNotCrazy

    The latin text on the Blast Door Map would suggest that somebody working on it was a hostile, plus the fact alot of the other text seemed to indicated a lack of knowledge about D.I. Being higher up than Dr. Chang indicates Radzinsky knew all of the DI operations, so he didn't need query the stations (unless after the incident, he was removed from the circle of trust, and many more stations were built while he was stuck in The Swan or maybe the writers just really fucked up the continuity of the BDM,and the man known as Radzinsky back then wasn't the #2 Dharma man he is Season 5) So maybe Kelvin was a hostile and wrote that stuff after Radzinsky died? There was also something written on the BDM that questioned trusting Kelvin...

    Any thoug…

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  • ImNotCrazy

    Jacob possibilities

    April 14, 2009 by ImNotCrazy

    1. Michael Keaton (either as himself or just him playing the character of Jacob but adlibbing the entire time)so technically still Jack and stays true to producer's word that he hasn't been cast yet. 2. Arvin Sloane. He knows more than anyone and swaps sides all the time. 3. Initially Ian Hart, but changes every season, was Kenneth Brannagh at some stage - possibly season 3? 4. A lonely war widow, overprotective of her children and is waiting for Christopher Eccleston to come home but Eloise Hawking knows the truth 5. Greg Grunberg. Just thought there wasn't nearly enough G's in this blog.

    Feel free to add more.

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