Ok so, they were supposed to recreate the first plane as you know,.....locke is substituting for Jack's dad, Christian. And all the people in the back of the plane are substituting for anyone else who was on the plane. And, Sayid is on the plane,....................with a marshall!!! Just like kate on the first plane crash!!!! oh and when they zoomed in on the note that John wrote to Jack they didn't show the "me" part. It says, "i wished you had believed in me." Ok and Jack said that Locke told him that it was all his fault for what happened to them when he left the island. But if lockes reffering to what the flashes did to everyone, or what the people in the future or the past did to them,....then its not Jacks fault, its bens. Ben was the one who moved the island in the first place!!! he's the one who dislogded them from time!!!! and why the heck did they have to move the island?? I mean,........what the heck? All it brought them was trouble?! Well I don't know why jacob wanted to move the island, maybe because he knew that a few would leave so he needed ben to get off the island and help bring them back......but he probably didn't,.....because that was ben's idea. If ben knew all of this was going to happen when they left, then why did he do it?? Well i guess its good they left because sun had her baby. But jacob wanted them to move the island because of the mercenary team......but the people from the mercenary team ended up dead anyway.......

I was on a cruise a few days ago and my aunt and i were watching a movie but the tv was being retarded and it was making a really annoying buzzing sound,...(kind of like the one from LOST when the flashes come). and it was sooooo loud too. so then my uncle walks in the room and starts freaking out and putting his hands over his hears, and like falling on the was so funny.

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