So I am definetly leaning more to the idea that it is a'Zoroastrianism'type place. Which would still be cool. I am Christian so I have to admit I was hoping it was a Garden of Eden type plot, (which it still may be) but I am finding more evidence that I think leads to the Zoroastrianism idea. Its kinda complex of course but someof the similaritys include: How there is one GOD and one other being who is always trying to release evil, and the good is always trying to keep the evil at bay. There is a strong belief that the mortal world directly affects the spirt world. All things do including animals. Really theres alot about this, if you want to know more please wikipedia it, its pretty interesting anyway. youll find many similaritys i think. If you want to come back and talk about why you do or dont think this is a possibilty that would be awesome. Thanks

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