Name some observations.. forSHADOWING

So It was recently mentioned again the whole "What lies in the shadow of the statue" thing. So.. it got me thinking about an episode in season 2 that had a similar statement. Its hard to remember the details but it went something like this. John and Jack had Ben Locked up in the hatch and John gave Ben a book. He then told Ben that one man was great and the other (who was also a great man) lived his whole life trying to be as great as the other. Then Ben being manipultive asked John " So which one are you John? The man who is great, or the man who lives in the shadow of the man who's great?" I hope thats accurate..close anyhow, John was very frustrated, this was around the time he started letting Ben get in his head, resulting in a leadership struggle between himself and Jack. It was just one of those possible forshadow things I was remembering. This isnt a right or wrong discussion, Can you think of anymore that we dont talk about much. Or feel free to build on the one I mentioned.Igivesaclaire 11:07, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

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