What would have happened if the Monster had succeeded in pulling Locke down the hole (probably CV) in the Season 1 finale? If we are going to assume that Smokey is or is related to the Nemesis then why did he want Locke then and there and if this was the case, why didn't he try again at a later point to pull Locke in? The only other time (at least that I can think of) that we have seen Smokey pull someone down into it's lair is when it attacked Rousseau's team and pulled in Montand. After that it is not entirely clear what happened with that group other than Rousseau thought they all went cray and killed them. So suppose Locke had been pulled in my the Monster- would he have reappeared later as an Altered- Locke? And would that Alt-Locke have made his way to kill Jacob straight away and we could have skipped four seasons worth of other developments? Not that I would have wanted them to be skipped, I'm just saying....

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