Can you believe that they went a whole season without showing us what happened to Claire? (Unless you count the shadowy, out of focus person who may or may not have been seen over Sun's shoulder, which I personally believe is Claire, but that's not what this is about.) When we last saw Claire she was acting very strangely, almost as if she were not herself. But really, we don't have enough evidence to know for certain what has happened to her, so I just wanted to present what we do know and see if anyone can make any sense of it. So let's look at the possibility of Claire being undead:

Claire is dead and behaving like other "undead" inhabitants of the Island-

Evidence for:

  • She was in house that exploded, which would be very likely to kill someone
  • She left Aaron by himself in the jungle, which seems very out of character for her
  • She was in the cabin with the undead Christian Shepherd
  • Miles (who has an unusual communion with the dead) seemed to be watching her unusually closely
  • She appeared off the Island in Aaron's room (albeit in a crazy dream)

Evidence against:

  • When Sawyer pulled her out of the destroyed house she seemed slightly injured, but very much alive
  • She cared for Aaron for at least one full day just as she always had
  • Sawyer, Hurley and Locke did not notice any change in her following the explosion

I know that deleted scenes are not cannon, but there is the deleted scene from The Shape of Things to Come after Sawyer retrieves Claire from the blown up house and Claire asks Hurley if they are dead. I mean how weird is that? According to this article, she also asks why Christian is there. The fact that Hurley doesn't see him is odd, since Hurley sees dead people regularly, but maybe Christian didn't want to be seen. At any rate, it is highly suspicious. So what do you think?

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