We know very little about the Temple, but we will presumably see it in the coming season. So I was thinking, what if the Temple is not at all what we expect it to be.

When we see things on the Island like the statue, the ruins and even the wall that encircles the Temple, they all look very ancient as if they were put there in another time by another civilization. The name "The Temple" and the way the Others talk about it would make us believe that it is an ancient, sacred place. But in Dead is Dead when Ben, Flocke and Sun arrive at the wall, Ben tells them that "we built this [the wall] to keep people like you from ever seeing it [the Temple]." Now, of course, this was before Ben had his frightening encounter with Smokey and Alex and seemed scared into telling the truth, so he may not have been being completely honest. But just assuming that this statement is true, we don't know if the "we" he refers to means the present generations of the Others or the Others of time past (if there is indeed any distinction). Why wouldn't they want outsiders to see it? Surely they could defend it if they wanted to keep people out, but they don't even want anyone to see it?

What if the Temple is not some ancient Egyptian looking stone structure at all, but a fully modern facility with technology brought to the Island from the outside? Ben told Karl when the mercenaries were attacking that the Temple might be the last safe place on the Island, so what if it even has defense systems? Of course, I have no evidence to support this whatsoever, but it is something to think about. When the Temple is finally revealed, what do you think it will be?

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