As I was watching the bonus features on the Season 5 DVD, I noticed some things that I would like to share and get some opinions on.

First of all, you may remember that during the hiatus between seasons 4 and 5, Damon and Carlton released a series of short videos on called Dharma Special Access. One of these videos included a short tour of the writer's room where they showcased the walls of cast photos catagorized into living, undead and dead. If you have not seen this video, here it is:


I took some screen caps from this video, composited them together and added labels where I could. There are some holes, but here is what I came up with (see photos on the right):


Now, on the season 5 DVD bonus features, there is a segmanet called Building 23 in which Micheal Emerson takes a tour of the production building, including a stop in the writers room with Damon and Carlton. You can watch that video here:


Again, I did screen caps, compositing, labeling... you get the idea. Here are those stills (see photos on the left):



One of the first things to jump out at me when I watched the season 5 clip was the blurred out photo on the "Alive" wall. Why would a photo be blurred out? Do they not want us to see that this cast member is alive (there are some notes in the room also blurred out) or is it some issue with showing the image of that actor? The same photo (marked "???") is not blurred out in the season 4 video, but I can not tell who it is.


To me it looks like Haley Joel Osment [1], but I'm pretty sure he has never been on Lost. Also, I wonder who the "Man in White", as I have labeled him, could be. He appears to be a man with darker skin, wearing a white suit who moved from "Alive" to "Dead", but I can't make out his face at all. I realize some parts of these images are very low quality and if anyone else has a way to get better ones, please send them my way. Also, if you think you have a good guess on who any of the unlabled people are, let me know.

UPDATE: I have now updated some of the pictures, thanks to input from the comments. The blurred out photo has yet to be identified, as does the photo to the right of Bea Klugh on the "Dead" wall.

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