Something just occurred to me. There is the ongoing debate about what was thought to be Jacob's Cabin and who was actually in it. When Ilana, Bram and the gang where headed there, Bram told Lapidus that they needed to show "someone" [whoever was in the cabin} Locke's body. But they get there, the cabin is empty, Ilana looks at the tapestry and they head to the statue. When they get to the statue, who does Ilana ask for? Richard!!! (Well, she asked for Richardus, but that's who she meant.) What if they were looking for Richard in the cabin? I really don't know why Richard would be in the cabin, but hey, why would Jacob or his Nemesis be there either?

Additionally, if you've read my other posts, you know I think that whoever was seen and heard by Locke in the cabin in The Man Behind the Curtain was neither Jacob or his Nemesis, but what if he was the advisor/manager of personnel to the Nemesis (like Richard is to Jacob). If Jacob is the one "in charge" of the Island, almost like an owner, then Richard is like the general manager who kind of keeps watch over everything that is going on with Jacob's people (aka The Others). Now, for all we know, the Nemesis might also have people, or even if he doesn't (he doesn't seem like much of a people person) he may have appointed someone long ago, like Richard to supervise his interests on the Island. But then somehow, Jacob or his people trapped this guy in the cabin. What do you think?

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