In doing my research for my Jacob Rant, I was watching The Man Behind the Curtain with audio commentary by Damon, Carlton and Michael Emerson (I love calling watching Lost "doing research"). There were two things they mentioned that I had not thought about in a while, but now am very curious about again: Annie and the volcano. Darlton says that Alex and Annie were the two most important women in Ben's life and yet we still have seen no more of Annie. I guess I'm really wondering how they are going to fit a bunch more of Ben's back story into season 6. Of course, I would love to see more of Ben's back story and I really want to know what happened with the Dharma Initiative between the time of the Incident and the Purge. Secondly, Darlton says that the volcano on the Island is very important, though not quite as much as Annie, which seems strange since we have seen absolutely nothing about it so far. Wait a minute! Are they going to tell us that the Others are ancient alien souls that spewed forth from the volcano and the whole show has been a ruse to promote Scientology?!?! Probably not. So what do you think? (not about Scientology, about Annie and the volcano)

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