This is my way of closing and my view of the end. As a student of literature, I watch more for character development more than anything else. I follow the tenet Character is Destiny, and the end of Lost proves just that. They (writers) may have been inconsistent with the sci-fi/ supernatural part, but they closed the story the way it ought to be with the internal conflict of the core characters resolved.

Jack, is the main protagonist of the show. As a protagonist, his destiny is to become the hero, the one who defeats the antagonist (MiB) in the end. His internal conflict was his guilt over the death of his father, the death of one of his patients,and that he cannot let go. His character that needs to fix things was fulfilled, he "fixed" the island curse and was able to help his friends be free, even if he had to die in the process. He is the hero.

John, (Locke) luck - the man of faith from the beginning. The one who is the first to recognize the supernatural "power" of the island. John is the trusting one, who got conned by his 'father' and then by Ben, and then by MiB. He too gave up his life for his friends earlier on, he was the first to be redeemed. His death made Jack believe in the island as supernatural, once and for all. His faith was finally rewarded. He gave up his life, he was a martyr. Cf. the Lost Supper.

Sawyer, it was beautiful to see how Sawyer, the one who cared for no one but himself gradually learned to care for others from Season 1 to 6. He had so many acts of heroism until the very end. And he learned to care from the example set by the others before him.

Kate, she who always had the best intentions but somehow gets muddled in the execution. Her inner conflict was her tendency to confuse right vs. wrong. She was always trying to help (sometimes even if she had to kill, such as her life before the island. She does not mind robbing a bank as long as she can get her memento). My favorite moment with Kate was when she helped the young Ben when he was going to die, together with Sawyer to bring him to Richard to be healed at the temple, even knowing that he would grow up to be Ben the Other who will made life difficult for them in the island. Kate more than made up for her past sins and redeemed herself in the process while still alive. She finally did help (effectively) in the resolution by being the one who shot MiB.

Sayid, the torturer. His inner conflict was that he did not feel guilty when he killed. There was no gradual redemption for Sayid. He was the next person from Locke to give up his life for others.

Hurley, who started as a person who did not have a purpose in his life or anyone to love. That he became the protector of the island in the end finally gave him purpose. And there in the island he also met Libby.

And finally Ben.. i can write pages about the journey of transformation of Ben. His inner conflicts are so many, perhaps that is the reason why he took the longest before he can move on. He never felt loved, accepted, forever searching for a family, mother/father figure whom he can believe in. His internal demons led him to be control and power hungry, distrustful of anyone, deceitful of other and of himself. It took a major crisis for Ben to start his redemption. He lost the island, Alex died, he became powerless. His greatest deed was that he saved Danielle and took care of Alex, and this good side led up to his redemption. He had to learn the lesson of being no.2 and served the island for selfless reasons.

The minor characters, Danielle finally got to meet her daughter. Ironically, it was Ben who 'returned" Alex to Danielle. Vice-versa Alex finally got to know her mother. Christian finally reunited with Jack in the afterlife and was always his guide. Miles finally met and knew about his father. Charlotte finally returned to the place she was born.

All the character conflicts resolved. And this is what matters in the end.

Oh, and Annie... she'll surely meet up with Ben in the after afterlife once he has moved on. After all,the characters do die one time or another :-)

Farewell to all! I loved posting in this site. It was a wonderful learning experience and the chance to exchange ideas with all.Thank you writers for a great enterntaining tv show. I paid attention to you Sean Sheep when you said the emperor had no clothes, but it was alright.. Bye annied, lost in time, and everyone! See you in another show!

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