Does Lost subscribe to the literary truism that "Character is Destiny"? Towards the end of the show, it is interesting to see how the strengths (redeeming qualities), "flaws", motives of the core characters inevitably lead them to their destiny in the show. How well have we watched the core characters (Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Desmond, Claire, Ben)what were their best qualities, their redeeming qualities, their character flaws... as seen through their actions/reactions/decisions that they make throughout Seasons 1 to 6. I am a firm believer that Character spells Destiny and will lead us to get a clear idea on how this show will end.

Let me try...Jack's character is a protagonist, i.e. he is a hero. He saves lives from the beginning, his character is a doctor -- he heals. But profession does not define his character. Note that he was said to have the weakness that it is hard for him to let go...he has a need to save/fix people/situations...What would you say his flaw is? How do you think his strength will overcome his flaw and save the story in the end? Will he? Is he the hero?

Ben is my favorite character. He was characterized as a broken person from the start. His life had been a never ending source of rejection , from the time of his birth...He is the loneliest and the most flawed of them all.. He is forever looking for a family (mother/father figure) to belong in who will love and accept him. He is forever fighting off the guilt that was instilled in him by his father re his mother's death. He was labeled a "bad person" by his father and it became self- fulfilling. I have also seen the good side in Ben, in the same way that Gollum had Smeagol, this was the good that so-called remained in him after he was transformed in the temple. The same redeeming quality that urged him to let Danielle free and take care of Alex. He is a sentimentalist, he carried the Annie doll all thirty years in memory of his little friend who was nice to him when he was a child. Where your treasure is, there is your heart also. He treasured/protected the island, it rejected him and made him irrelevant after all the years of service. What will Ben do now? What does his character dictate him to do next? Is he the antagonist or one of the protagonists in the story?

I'm looking forward to your views on the rest of the core characters and how you think their character will define the destiny and finale of Lost.

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