I've rewatched Seasons 1 to 5, and noted that Seasons 2 to 5 ended with a trigger that shifted time. The turning of the key by Desmond, the turning of the wheel by Ben and by Locke, the explosion of the H-Bomb... these somehow created a "hole" in time and alternate realities began to bleed through (cf. lately shown in Jack's scar)... You know there's a belief that time in not linear , and that alternate universes or realities indeed exist in one eternal moment --- except that we (humans) are concious of seeing only one reality at a time (linear time perception) --- this (being concious) is symbolized by the "eye" at the start of some episodes, the "eye" represents the reality that character is concious of at the time -- (the exception of this theory is Desmond who can see above time -- recall Daniel said that Desmond is different , prob because he was exposed to the Electromagnetism of the hatch when it imploded) --- There are alternate selves in each reality --- and the theory is that although each alternate self is not concious of each other -- their actions/decisions STILL affect one another changing the reality they are in (recall Jacob saying to Ben that he has a CHOICE, Ben just made the reality they are in more difficult by killing Jacob) ---

That makes me one of the believers that in the end, the resolution involves a convergence of the alternate realities -- and this will be made possible by Desmond who is able to see above time, helped by Zoe and her knowledge of geophysics, the decision makers are the core team of Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Kate, and Hurley -- I can even see Ben helping them in the convergence (something will transform him strongly, a motive more stronger than when his daughter died - that part of him that remained even after being healed/transformed in the temple-- Everytime I mention it in the other forums, the editors delete my message as a spoiler, even though it was only a theory) ---Love has got something to do with the conflict resolution -- the finale will involve another time shift trigger, and the island, its inhabitants, the losties will be freed--- "Amor Vincit Omnia" even time...

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