So okay.

Last night's episode wasn't as satisfying as I hoped, I admit that. And I was like "nooooo!" when it was over so suddenly. I would have wanted more explanations and was like one big "?" at the end.

But come on people! I have seen soooo freaking many "this episode was bs"-posts I'm getting a bit annoyed.

Yes, they didn't really explain everything word for word, but come on, you guys have brains and can make connections of what was said to events we've seen on the series before. Furthermore, this series was/is all about theorizing and stuff, why not leave the fans theorizing right until the end - and I'm pretty sure even after the series ended we will NOT get all the answers, we will have to put stuff together ourselfs to get the answers, or there simply wont be an answer.

I'm convinced we will get the most important answers within the next 3 episodes, so please stop complaining about this last episode.

Yes, they could have explained more in Across the Sea, but we don't know what they still have for us to see and hear so just keep your energy for complaints when you have the whole picture.

Thank you and Namaste.

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