A theory on how Widmores team could aim so accurate when bombing FLocke's Team at the beach

I've already posted this as a comment to a blog here, but am wondering what u guys think about this theory. Any possibility that this might be true? Any specialists here?

Ok, I'm not really into physics and stuff..but my theory on this is as follows: FLocke has a problem with the electromagnetic fields, no? Maybe he's absorbing some kind of anti-electromagnetism and Desmond is absorbing some kind of electromagnetism (not the kind that hurts FLocke, though). So like on a radar they could see where Des' or FLocke's "absorbtion" gets weaker and they aim to the point it is the weakest...? Not completely thought out I know but my best guess as I don't see them aiming with binoculars or anything similar.

Please comment, thanks a lot!

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