I have to write a poem at least 15 lines long about someone for English class and I chose Sawyer. I'm almost done, but i can't figure out how to finish it and I can't come up with a title. Here's what I have so far:

In the real world, a confidence man is what you were, but in Dharmaville, you turned into Jim LaFleur, well deserved respect is what you recieved, as head of security, your word was beleived, but despite all your goodness, a solid romance you could not harness, Cass left you in your days of crime, Freckles was fun, but wouldn't last in the long run, Blondie was the best, but when chains wrapped around her chest, she was dragged in a hole, .........

How should I end it and what should I title it? Any ideas??? The commas separate the different lines- I don't know why they didn't enter b/c i pressed enter?? (rhyming is preferred because most of the rest of the poem rhymes.) Thanks for any input and feedback.  :)

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