I was just thinking about this the other day and decided to put it up to past time for the long wait. Lost is obviously full of sad moments because characters die and what not. So, I was just wondering, what are some of the moments that have made you wicked sad while watching Lost? I'm not talking "Oh that's to bad." sad, I'm talking tears pouring out of your face sad. For me, the top three saddest moments were

1) Alex dies. I was crying my butt of when Keamy shot her. She was my favorite character and I literally cried myself to sleep when I saw that episode.

2) Juliet falls down the hole at the Incident. If my brothers weren't watching it with me, I would have been out of tears because I was crying so much. This was a close second for me. Only, because I found out 20 minutes later that she was alive.

3) Desmond's phone call to Penny in The Constant. This is one of the most heart warming scenes ever. Every time I watch it, my eyes water up. "I love you Penny, I've always loved you." gets me ever time.

The third one isn't really sad, but it made me cry. So, what moments have made you cry?

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