For all of you who didn't like the other one. This time it's only people from Season 5(+Claire). You know the rules.

  • Sayid(10)
  • Jack(10)
  • Hugo(10)
  • Sawyer(10)
  • Jin(10)
  • Sun(10)
  • Kate(10)
  • Locke(10)
  • Claire(10)
  • Ben(10)
  • Juliet(10)+1
  • Desmond(10)
  • Walt(10)
  • Daniel(10)
  • Miles(10)
  • Charlotte(10)
  • Richard(10)
  • Frank(10)
  • Penny(10)
  • Radzinsky(10)-1
  • Eloise(10)
  • Widmore(10)
  • Jacob(10)

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