Character Elimination Game

Give one point to your favorite character ever and take away one point from your least favorite ever. Last one standing is the best!

Jack(10) Kate(10) Sawyer(10) Hurley(10) Locke(10) Sayid(10) Jin(10) Sun(10) Ben(10) Juliet(10) Desmond(10) Miles(10) Daniel(10) Charlotte(10) Claire(10) Walt(10) Charlie(10) Michael(10) Shannon(10) Boone(10) Ana Lucia(10) Mr. Eko(10) Libby(10) Bernard(10) Rose(10) Danielle(10) Alex(10) +1 Richard(10) Frank(10) Cesar(10) Ilana(10) Widmore(10) Penny(10) Eloise(10) Radzinsky(10) Pierre Chang(10) Jacob(10) Phil(10) -1

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