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    Frank defected?

    December 7, 2009 by IJustShotaBear

    On the "surivors" section under characters, if you scroll down, you'll eventually find Frank under Defectors. His picture has a purple border which means he defected somewhere and next to that it says where they defected to. For some reason it says he defected to Jacob.

    Here's a link. [1]

    Anyone know why this says this? Is that true and did I just miss that pretty huge event or is it a mistake?

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    A few polls going on these days so I'll put one up too. 321 format, like the popular character poll. Do your three most disliked characters (I personally believe it's impossible to fully hate any character in Lost) from any season, dead or alive. One being most disliked. Mine are:

    1. Ana Lucia 2. Phil 3. Jack (but he's coming around, I hope)

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    I was just thinking about this the other day and decided to put it up to past time for the long wait. Lost is obviously full of sad moments because characters die and what not. So, I was just wondering, what are some of the moments that have made you wicked sad while watching Lost? I'm not talking "Oh that's to bad." sad, I'm talking tears pouring out of your face sad. For me, the top three saddest moments were

    1) Alex dies. I was crying my butt of when Keamy shot her. She was my favorite character and I literally cried myself to sleep when I saw that episode.

    2) Juliet falls down the hole at the Incident. If my brothers weren't watching it with me, I would have been out of tears because I was crying so much. This was a close second …

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    First take a look at this video:


    This was shown on a show called Web Soup (like The Soup but about internet news).

    The guy, after seeing the video says, "Oh, I get it! The smoke monster comes from the polar bears which were on the island! Lost makes so much more sense now!"

    I thought it was hilarious. When I saw it, I was freaking out because I love when random Lost related things happen in my life.

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    For all of you who didn't like the other one. This time it's only people from Season 5(+Claire). You know the rules.

    • Sayid(10)
    • Jack(10)
    • Hugo(10)
    • Sawyer(10)
    • Jin(10)
    • Sun(10)
    • Kate(10)
    • Locke(10)
    • Claire(10)
    • Ben(10)
    • Juliet(10)+1
    • Desmond(10)
    • Walt(10)
    • Daniel(10)
    • Miles(10)
    • Charlotte(10)
    • Richard(10)
    • Frank(10)
    • Penny(10)
    • Radzinsky(10)-1
    • Eloise(10)
    • Widmore(10)
    • Jacob(10)
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