Jacob's mother?

I10josh May 18, 2010 User blog:I10josh

Why is Jacob's real mother in red when she arrives to the island? Writers never put their characters in red unless they are trying to show us something. Usually that character is tainted or corupted in some way or another. Hmmm any thought? Also, the real mom's eyes are brown. Jacob and the MiB are both born with blue/green eyes just like "mother". What does it mean? Did "mother" change the baby in womb somehow (and did that go wrong causing the baby to split into light and dark)? She did feed the real mother something before the birth (similar to how Jacob gave the wine to Richardos to "change" him and give him eternal life). Thoughts, please.

And as a side note, did anyone else notice that when the real mother sees "mother"s reflection in the stream, there is no body. Only the clothes. Creepy.

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