"The Lighthouse" was a pretty good episode! I really enjoyed Hurley's candidness with Jack in the jungle. It reminded me of Arzt's bit about "Most of us have actually LOST weight." Onto the theories and interesting new tidbits:

1. David?! What! So Jack has a son named David. I definitely did not see that coming. I wonder who his mother is? But man that dude can play piano FOR REALZ.

2. I have a new theory on the Mysterious boy. So when we first see him, he's standing in a totally creepy way with his arms outstretched at the sides. And he's pretty bloody on those arms too. Now upon seeing "The Substitute" again, I thought to myself 'You know, when I usually see someone with blood on their hands in a movie or show, it means almost exactly what it's implying. they have blood on their hands. ' That is to say, they murdered someone. Now I'm not implying that the mysterious boy killed someone but maybe MiB killed him. THAT is why he was so freaked out when he saw him. Perhaps the reason he is a prisoner is because he killed that boy. On purpose, or maybe it was an accident. Hm.

3. Poor, poor Claire. Her hair is a mess and she has a creepy dead animal baby doll in a crib. Now why would Christian and her "friend" tell her that the Others have her baby? Back to that in a bit.

4. Also on the note of pity is poor Jin. Dude gets stuck in a bear trap. That sucks. Luckily Claire managed to channel her brother and administer some TLC for Jin's poor nasty leg. But whats that? He's gone and told Claire that Kate took Aaron? What in the heck was he thinking?? Did the dead animal baby doll not give him enough of a clue that she is nutsoid? Wait wait. He took it back. "HAHA JK CLAIRE I WAS TOTALLY JOSHING HE'S TOTALLY AT THE TEMPLE." She's just going to find out he was lying. I have no idea why he tried to save face like that. He knew Kate was looking for Claire, right? Sheesh.

5. The lighthouse! Now that is pretty sweet. I wonder who #108 is? I think Jacob referred to the person as a "he" so my first thought was Widmore. Maybe Desmond? I mean the number would make sense for brotha because of the whole button-pushing shenanigans.

Alright! I think thats it! Thank you for everyone who stuck around until #5! Cheers!

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