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June 1, 2009
  • Hydra runway

    So... was LA X really a two-part/two-hour episode?? Was it just me, or did it seem like ABC just sold twice the advertising space and stretched out a 1-hr episode over two hours? Personally, I really felt that the constant barrage of commercial breaks damaged the continuity and flow of the episode, to the point that I woke up this morning unable to fully recall/process the progression of mind-blowing events. Don't misread me - I LOVED the episode!!! But did anyone else feel a bit cheated by the "3 minutes of LOST - four minutes of commercials - three minutes of LOST - five minutes of commercials" rhythm??? Especially considering ABC was so cheap/uninspired with the advance promotion of S6, for them to so callously and unnecessarily ruin the…

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  • Hydra runway

    OK, so Nikki and Paolo were terrible characters. Unforgivably awful, and awfully unneccessary. The end - period; game, set, match. We all hated them at first sight. We all still hate them today. And as a result, "Expose" (the episode which features the pair most prominently, including their AWESOME plot line involving millions of dollars worth of diamonds and wicked spiders that are totally super poisonous, but only make you appear dead) ranks only slightly above "Stranger In A Strange Land" in terms of how much LOST fans hate the episode. BUT - write this episode off at your own peril! There is a potentially huge easter egg in there, my friends, and because it's buried at the tail end of a largely unwatched episode, it's gone totally under …

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