I would like to see that it was Locke who ordered the purge of the dharma initative, and that that is the war Charles Widmore refers to in 'The life and death of jeremy bentham.' So basically, when Charles says that if Locke doesn't return to the island, the wrong side will win, what he means is that if he doesn't go back no one will order the purge of the dharma initiative. This is also because in 'Cabin fever', when Ben says that it wasn't himself who ordered the purge, and that he is 'not always leader,'so maybe in the 1970's Locke takes temporary command over the hostiles, to kill the DA, as they are the 'wrong side'. It makes sense that Charles would think that the DA is the wrong side as he was a member of the hostiles. I think that Jack, Kate etc. would fight against Locke, but Ben, Richard, others etc. would be with Locke. I also think that Locke would be manipulated into doing it, its the wrong decision, and he realises afterwards. Let me know what you think.

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