After The Candidate, is it reasonable to assume Widmore, unbeknownst to most of his group, is actually carrying out MIB's orders? Besides last season's clues that Widmore wanted Locke on the island, and that Bram said Widmore was the wrong side, there have been some clues of it this season. For example, Flocke knew the C4 was on the plane before he even went in, since he took the watch to use for the bomb. Then, why would Charles leave the sub so unguarded? Is it a coincidence the guy in the tree only shot Kate after MIB was in the water? If she wouldn't have been shot Jack wouldn't have gotten in the sub, bringing the bomb with him. And I think this plan was made when MIB was missing at the beginning of the episode. I think Widmore captured them so that Smokey would appear to be coming to their rescue. Plus he was nowhere to be seen after Smokey came to wreak havoc or during the shootout. I think Zoe might be in on the con, but otherwise his henchmen were left in the dark. The only real problem with his theory I can find is that he brought Desmond. Otherwise, the shoe fits.

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