am sure this must have been discussed, but i am just too lazy to search the records... anyway, as far as i can remember; these are the unanswered mysteries. which of these do you think will not be answered? here is my take:

1. Whispers - will be answered (surely, come on!!) 2. Adam and Eve - well, Hurley's given us a hint already, so, yes... 3. who was in the cabin when Locke and Ben visited for the first time, the invisible guy and the eye that Hurley saw - will be answered 4. Hurley bird - I think this is gonna be ignored 5. Walt's special abilities - am curious, but i think its gonna be ignored 6. Annie - please!! i am dying to know 7. The new boy in the jungle - of course 8. how did the island sink - surely 9. FST Desmond - definitely 10.more on Libby - dont think so 11.why is Locke's body intact when MIB is using it? - Yes 12.the new and mysterious Sayid - Yes 13.the new and mysterious Claire - Yes 14.why is Dharma continuing to drop food supplies - i dont think so 15.Jin and Sun in the FST - Yes 16.Jack's injury in FST and David Shep's mom - Yes Locke in good terms with his dad in FST - Yes 18.why is Hurley suddenly the luckiest man in the world? - definitely 19.Biggest of them all: what the heck are Jacob and MIB bickering about!!

Anything I left out guys??

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