One thing that has always bugged me is that without the exact heading that Faraday provides people you are not able to reach the island or get off it. But even if you didn't know the coordinates you would have to think that with the satellite technology that we possess that there is no way this island could remain uncharted. I mean does anyone think that there are actually still uncharted island's on this planet in this day and age? I don't think the island exists in the physical world. I think that you have to have been predestined or pass through some dimensional warp to be able to get to the island and to do so involves following the heading that Farday provides or to be near it when something like the incident occurs. I don't think it moved when the O6 saw it dissapear I think it was just no longer physically visible to the O6. It might be in a certain location on the earth but it exists in a different dimension. The only thing that I struggle with is how they were still able to fire that canister from the freighter, I am sure if you apply the lag in time to the coordinates that you could come up with something.

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